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Faculty and Research

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Professor of Biochemistry
Schumacher Lab, Primary Faculty
Research Interests:

The Schumacher laboratory focuses on understanding, at a detailed atomic level, several key biological processes involving protein-nucleic acid interactions.

For the latest information on the Schumacher Lab, please visit our website.

Brandon Dopkins
Schumacher Lab
Matric Year: 2018
Previous Institution: B.S., University of Wisconsin, Madison
Schumacher Lab
Matric Year: 2017
Previous Institution: B.S., NC State University
Schumacher Lab
Matric Year: 2016
Previous Institution: B.S., Salisbury State University
Max Henderson
Research Technician II
Schumacher Lab
Raul Salinas, PhD
Senior Research Associate
Schumacher Lab
Hengshan Zhang, PhD
Research Analyst II
Schumacher Lab