Structural Biology

Structural Biology

Macromolecules provide the structure, organization, and regulation of life. So knowing how their atoms are spatially arranged and how they move, act, and respond is crucial to understanding how molecules control medicines and biology in general. With our department’s breadth and depth in modern structural biology, our faculty study 3D structure, function, and the dynamics of proteins, RNA, DNA, and their complexes—from fine atomic detail to cellular machinery. 

Our faculty have access to or host: 

  • Multiple synchrotron beamlines for macromolecular x-ray crystallography
  • Research Triangle Park-wide NMR Center 
  • Titan Krios section of the Cryo-EM/ET facility 
  • SAXS resource 
  • MolProbity validation web service 
  • Supporting facilities include advanced light microscopes, mass spectrometry, and computational resources








Bettie Sue Masters, Ph.D.
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