Cellular Organizations and Structures

Cells are not simply bags of proteins and nucleic acids, but are organized into functional compartments that range in scale from nanometers to microns. Our labs explore both stable and dynamic macromolecular assemblies in cultured cells and animal models, utilizing proximity-based chemical modifications, proteomics, lipid probes, nucleic acid labeling, and imaging with light microscopy, including super-resolution methods. To provide important molecular insights into subcellular organization across a range of organisms and systems our faculty research includes the:

  • Role of O-GlcNAc and other carbohydrate modifications
  • Functions of m6A-modified RNAs
  • Biogenesis and cargo selectivity of bacterial extracellular membrane vesicles
  • Roles of ankyrins and spectrins in establishing plasma membrane domains in mammalian cell


George Barth Geller Distinguished Professor of Molecular Biology
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry