Our department has historically been very strong in research related to enzymes in various aspects and contexts. Many of us study the mechanisms of their catalysis and inhibition as well as their biological functions. We use various in vitro and in vivo experimental approaches, including but not limited to biochemistry, biophysics, chemical biology, structural biology, genetics, cell biology, and spectroscopies. These studies are essential to all areas of biomedical research and the development of novel therapeutics.

Our faculty focus includes:

Fundamental mechanisms of catalysis in:

  • Metallo- and non-metallo redox enzymes
  • Biopolymer (DNA/RNA/peptides/polysaccharides) formation and modification
  • Complex rearrangement reactions

Biological functions in:

  • Biosynthesis and Metabolism
  • Translation and transcription
  • DNA repair
  • Drug resistance

Development of inhibitors or activator