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Download the Biochemistry Graduate Student Handbook.

Biochemistry Department – Kamin Travel FellowshipAny biochemistry graduate student who is awarded a Graduate School Conference Travel Fellowship will be automatically eligible for an additional Kamin Fellowship for up to $400. The Graduate School Travel Fellowships cover up to $525 of the cost of travel to a conference and the additional Kamin Fellowship should cover most or all of any remaining expenses. Please submit a copy of your completed Graduate School Conference Travel Application and approval along with the Kamin Travel Application to the BGSO, 251 Nanaline Duke.

Changes to the Supervisory Committee: If a student requires a change to their Prelim/Dissertation supervisory committee, the BGSO will need to be notified by e-mail at the earliest convenience. This e-mail should include an updated Committee Nomination Form and the student should consult with her/his mentor and the faculty member(s) they are planning to remove/add before any request is sent.

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