Career Development

Career Development

The application period for the 2021-22 academic year is now closed. 
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Preparing You for Your Next Transition

To get you career-ready, the Graduate School offers a full-spectrum of professional development programs. By your third year, you’ll be considering your career objectives and building out a practical Individual Development Plan (IDP) to:

  • Assess your areas of interest, skills and competencies
  • Develop short- and long-term training and career goals
  • Identify mentoring and professional development resources in and around Duke

Career Resources

Discover key programs that will prepare you for a career in or outside academia.


Our Professional Development Series Includes talks, workshops, panels and events to help you identify and develop transferable skills for a career in academia, industry, government, nonprofit, and entrepreneurship. Some topics include:

  • Building core competencies such as time management, leveraging a mentor relationship, and preparing for a corporate job.
  • Investigating career paths beyond academia.
  • Searching for an academic position.
  • Preparing presentations that appeal to specific audiences.


Teaching Ideas Workshops: If you’re interested in a teaching position, you’ll hear faculty offer teaching tips, discuss career paths and faculty life, and how to engage with students.

Preparing Future Faculty (PFF): You can apply for one of ~30 competitive slots in this year-long program. As a PFF fellow you’ll work with a mentor, learn about critical issues in academia, and train for the multiple roles you’ll take on as a faculty member.


Certificate in College Teaching: With this comprehensive course in pedagogical preparation, you’ll be more competitive when applying for faculty positions. Look over the Courses in College Teaching which make up part of the Certificate in College Training curriculum and address topics on:

  • Fundamentals of college teaching
  • Course design
  • Visual communications
  • Online teaching
  • Student diversity
  • Careers in higher education

Upon certificate completion, the teaching credential will appear on your final transcript.

Teacher Training

Bass Instructional Fellowship Program: Gives you teaching experience as an instructor of record, teaching assistant, or online apprentice.

Leadership Training

Emerging Leaders Institute: Through a competitive application process, you can earn a spot in a 6-week intensive program where you’ll develop your communication skills; take self-awareness training; and learn about professional adaptability, teamwork, and leadership.

Professional Development Blog: The professional development blog lets you listen in on alumni and students as they discuss their career journeys. Students can also become part of the conversation by interviewing and writing blogposts.

Online Resources

Research shows that engaging in professional development can speed your time to degree. To help, we built Duke OPTIONS, a tool that lets you create roadmaps from the beginning to the end of your program and find the right resources at important stages in your training—at year 1, years 2-4, and years 5+. You can preview the tool here.

Check out some of our other online resources that include an introduction to LinkedIn, recordings from past events, and the Versatile PhD Career Finder tool. 

Postdoctoral Services

The Office of Postdoctoral Services is a central resource for postdoctoral appointees, and serves as a liaison between postdocs, faculty, administrators, and staff. It provides services such as orientation seminars, career development programs, exit surveys, and prepares Duke postdocs for successful careers.

Career Outcomes

Our graduates hold positions in biotech, pharma, consulting, government, and academia among others. Take a look at where our people are working. If you're looking for more in-depth statistics visit the statistics section on the graduate school website.


Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Professor of Biochemistry/Asst. Dean of Biomedical Science Education
Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry (dual degree)
Brigham Young University, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
Cornell University, Research Support Specialist II
Duke University, Assistant Research Professor of Biochemistry
Duke University, Associate Professor
Florida State University, Associate Professor
Ichan School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, Sr. IRB Manager
Indiana University South Bend, Assistant Professor
Iowa State University, Assistant Professor
Johns Hopkins University, Assistant Professor
Midwestern University, Assistant Professor
Northwestern University, Associate Professor
Ohio State University, Assistant Professor
Radford University, Associate Professor
School of Medical Tech-National Taiwan University, Associate Professor
Sloan Kettering Institute, Principal Investigator
SUNY Stony Brook, Professor
Department of Neurology, Assistant Professor
UCSF Medical Center, Physician
University of Kansas Medical Center, MD PhD Program Director
University of Minnesota-Morris, Assistant Professor
University of North Caroline Chapel Hill, Assistant Professor
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Professor and Vice Chair Biochemistry
University of Utah Huntsman Cancer Institute, Research Assistant Professor
US Naval Academy Assistant Professor
Utah State University, Associate Professor
Vassar College, Dir. of Biochemistry
Wake Forest University, Research Instructor
Washington University School of Medicine, Assistant Professor
Wilkes University, Associate Professor 


AGBiome, Biochemist
Agile Sciences, Director of Research
American Journal Experts, Editing Operations Manager
American Journal Experts, Sr. Editor
Amgen, Sr. Scientist
Arzeda Corp, Computational Platform Lead
AstraZeneca, Sr. Regional Scientific Manager 
BASF, Research Scientist Biogen, Associate Scientist II
Battelle, Senior Research Scientist
Bloomberg LP, Financial Software Developer
Blue Sky BioServices, Research Scientist II
BWA Water Additives, Microbiologist
Catalent Pharma Solutions, Lead Scientist
Discovery Partners R&D Solutions, Network Partner
DuPont Industrial Biosciences, Scientist II
Entera Health, Medical Science Liaison
Exet Inc, Sr. Scientist 
Genentech, Senior Scientist
Glaxo Smith Klein Inc, Director, Global Health Outcomes
HOB Biotech Group, CTO
Johnson & Johnson Shanghai Discovery Center, Associate Director-China
Lab Corp Clinical Trials, Oncology Marketing & Business Development Leader
Lily Asian Ventures, Managing Director
MBC Pharma, CEO
McKinsey and Company, Associate
Medthink SciCom, Medical Writer
Metabolon Inc, Study Director
Merck, Research Scientist
Merck Early Clinical Development, Cancer Immunotherapy, Principal Scientist 
Monsanto Computational Biology, Lead Scientist
Neopatents, Patent Agent
New York Genome Center, Co-Director Center for Genomics of Neurodegenerative Disease
Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research, Investigator II
Novartis Institute of BioMedical Research, Senior Investigator and Lab Head
Novozymes, Senior Scientist
Open Eye Software, Senior Scientist
Pfizer, Principal Scientist
Preclinical Development
Research Square, Product Manager
Ripple Effects Communications, Vice President
Roche Molecular Systems, Principal Scientist II
Stiefel/GSK Dermatology, Vice President
Synthorx Inc, Senior Vice President of Research
Venture Catalyst, Managing Partner
ZWorkbench Inc, President


Advanced Tech. and Systems Analysis Div. Center for Naval Analyses, Principal Research Scientist
Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Research Scientist
FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation & Research, Staff Fellow
FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Interdisciplinary Scientist
FDA Center for Tobacco Products, Chemistry Branch Chief
NIEHS, Biologist
NIEHS, Director Office of Fellows' Career Development
NIEHS-NIH, Program Administrator
NIEHS-Oak Ridge National Laboratory, MaNDi Beamline Scientist
NIEHS-Program Operations Branch, CEBS Scientific Administrator
NIH, Management Analyst
NIH/NIAID Division of Aids Basic Sciences Program, Deputy Director
US Army Research Office, Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies, Program Manager
US Navy, Biochemist  
US Patent and Trademark Office, Primary Examiner