Serena Wan Awarded the Prestigious Predoctoral Fellowship from the American Hematology Society (ASH)

Serena Wan to Receive the 2023 ASH Graduate Hematology Award


Biochemistry PhD student Serena Wan from Dr. Huanghe Yang’s lab has been selected by the American Society of Hematology (ASH) to participate as one of nine graduate students in the 2023 ASH Graduate Hematology Award (AHGA). This award aims to encourage graduate students in the United States and Canada to pursue a career in academic hematology. AGHA will fund the participant’s hematology research for a two-year period with an annual stipend of $40,000. Each AGHA participant also receives ASH membership throughout graduate school.


Under the support of the ASH award, Serena will tackle the unknown biological functions of membrane ion and lipid transporters in red blood cells, the most abundant cell type in human body. Serena will combine the Yang Lab’s technical expertise and mechanistic understanding of the ion channels and lipid scramblases to seek for novel therapeutic solutions to treat red blood disorders such as hereditary xerocytosis and sickle cell disease.




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