Biochemistry Seminars

All seminars will be delivered virtually AT 12:00PM. Please email for the Zoom Link. 

FALL 2021

ALBERTO BARTESAGHI, Ph.D., Associate Professor in Biochemistry, Duke University
Date: Sept. 17
Title: High-resolution cryo-EM image analysis: towards in-situ structural proteomics
Host: Biochemistry Department

CYRUS VAZIRI, Ph.D., Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UNC-Chapel Hill
Date: October 1
Title: Defining DNA Repair Dependencies and Vulnerabilities of Cancer Cells
Host: Dr. Pei Zhou

HUANGHE YANG, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Neurobiology, Duke University
Date: October 15
Title: What Does the Fox Say? Ion and Lipid Membrane Transport in Health and Disease
Host: Biochemistry Department

Research Forum
ERICA WASHINGTON, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Associate
Date: October 29
Title: “Structure-Function Characterization of the Trehalose Biosynthesis Pathway in Fungal Pathogens”
Presented by the Brennan Lab

The Tao-Shih Hsieh, Ph.D., Memorial Lecture
Date: November 5
Title: Multiple Levels of Regulation of Bacterial Small RNA Signaling
Host: Dick Brennan

NEIL HUNTER, Ph.D., Professor & HHMI Investigator, University of California, Davis
Date: November 12
Title:  MutS and MutL Make Out in Meiosis
Host: Paul Modrich

NENAD BAN, Ph.D., Professor of Structural Molecular Biology
Institute of Molecular Biology and Biophysics, ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
Date: November 19
Title: Structural Basis of Protein Synthesis in Eukaryotes: from Basic Principles to Translation in Coronavirus Infected Cells

UC San Francisco, Professor of Bioengineering
Date: December 10
Title: Computational Design of Proteins with Tunable Shapes and New Functions
Host: Student Sponsored

Spring 2022

JEDI Committee Seminar
CANDICE ETSON, PhD, Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Wesleyan University
Date: January 6, 2:00 PM
Title: Scientific Societies Can (and Should) Exert a Driving Force Toward Inclusion and Equity in STEMM
Host: JEDI Committee

Research Seminar
CANDICE ETSON, PhD, Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Wesleyan University
Date: January 7
Title: Investigating Protein-DNA Interactions at the Single-Molecule Level
Host: JEDI Committee

TAEKJIP HA, PhD, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry, Biophysics, and Biomedical Engineering and HHMI Investigator
Johns Hopkins University
Date: January 14
Title: Light, CRISPR and DNA Repair
Host: Dr. Hashim Al-Hashimi

LAURA DASSAMA, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Stanford University
Date: February 4
Title: Strategies to Modulate Undruggable Targets in Hematologic Diseases
Host: Dr. Dick Brennan

02.18.22   Open
02.25.22   PENG JIN, Emory University (Host: Meyer)
03.04.22   RUMA BANERJEE, University of Michigan (Host: Yokoyama)
03.18.22   JEREMY WILUSZ, University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine (Host: Meyer)
03.25.22   DAVID WEISS, Emory University (Host: Zhou)
04.01.22   Nozaki Memorial Lecture, William Kaelin, Dana Farber Cancer Institute (Host: Students)
04.08.22   Open
04.15.22   ALICE PRINCE, Columbia University (Host: Oas)
04.22.22   ELIZABETH CAMPBELL, Rockefeller University (Host: Schumacher)
04.29.22   JOHN GROSS, UC San Francisco (Host: Zhou)
05.13.22   Modrich Distinguished Lecture, Nancy Kleckner, Harvard University (Host: Brennan)

About our Named Lectures

The Henry Kamin Memorial Lecture
Henry Kamin’s scientific prowess was recognized by two five-year appointments to the Editorial Board of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, membership on the National Science Foundation Panel on Metabolic Biology, and the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences. The Henry Kamin Memorial Lecture honors his 42-year career at Duke University, his steadfast integrity, and his many contributions to nutritional biochemistry.

In 1997 his wife, Mrs. Dottie Kamin, initiated the lecture to honor her husband using monies provided by the Henry and Dorothy Lingle Kamin Endowment Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation.

The Hsieh Memorial Lecture
Established in memory of Tao-Hsieh, PhD, who was known as a highly regarded mentor, teacher, and researcher with accolades including an American Cancer Society Junior Faculty Award. This lecture is made possible by a generous gift from his lifelong friends, Yan-Tsong Chen, MD, PhD and Mrs. Alice Chen through the Chenzyme Foundation.

The Modrich Distinguished Lecture
This lecture honors the myriad contributions Paul Modrich has made to the field of nucleic acid biochemistry during his illustrious career at Duke University. A number of generous gifts from former graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and friends of Paul, as well as members of the Department of Biochemistry have made this lecture series possible.  

The Nozaki Memorial Lecture
Yas Nozaki spent four decades at Duke doing painstaking work in pure compounds and precise measurements as the basis of solid progress in scientific knowledge. He had a love of learning and science and was a great friend and approachable colleague. His daughter Yoko Nazaki Ax and her husband Emanual Ax (the noted concert pianist) have made this lecture possible through their generous donation.

The Philip Handler Lecture
This lecture is in remembrance of Philip Handler, who has been described as a legendary instructor, with a talent for taking the most difficult medical school subjects and turning them into unique learning experiences.