Biochemistry Research at Duke

Scientists in the Duke Biochemistry Department study a broad spectrum of research topics, including the following areas:

  • DNA biochemistry
  • RNA biochemistry
  • Lipids, lipoproteins, membrane transport, structure and function, 
  • Protein structural biochemistry and biophysics
  • Mechanisms of signal transduction
  • Enzyme catalysis and regulation

 "Duke Biochemistry Professor Paul Modrich receives the Nobel Prize in Chemistry from King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden Thursday 10 December 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden."

A Patient Path to the Nobel Prize - Duke Magazine Link

Paul Modrich Shares Nobel Prize in Chemistry

October 7, 2015 - The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced today that Paul Modrich, Professor of Biochemistry at Duke University, Tomas Lindahl of the Francis Crick Institute and Clare Hall Laboratory in the UK, and Aziz Sancar of University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, are the recipients of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for mechanistic studies of DNA repair.

Robert Lefkowitz Shares Nobel Prize in Chemistry

​Robert J. Lefkowitz MD, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator and Professor of Biochemistry who has spent his entire 39-year research career at the Duke University Medical Center, is sharing the 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Brian K. Kobilka of Stanford University School of Medicine, who was a post-doctoral fellow in Lefkowitz's lab in the 1980s.  Photo by Duke University Photography


Kate Meyer, who recently joined the Department of Biochemistry, was named the 2016 Blavatnik Regional Award Finalist. This award reflects...
A current paper from Bettie Sue Masters demonstrates that, unlike previously described mutations, A287P causes POR deficiency disorder due to...
We are very pleased to announce that an endowed lectureship in honor of Dr. Tao-Shih Hsieh has been established by...
Nikkomycins and polyoxins are antifungal peptidylnucleoside antibiotics active against human and plant pathogens. Here we report that during peptidylnucleoside biosynthesis...


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