Biochemistry Research at Duke

Scientists in the Duke Biochemistry Department study a broad spectrum of research topics, including the following areas:

  • DNA biochemistry
  • RNA biochemistry
  • Lipids, lipoproteins, membrane transport, structure and function, 
  • Protein structural biochemistry and biophysics
  • Mechanisms of signal transductionn
  • Enzyme catalysis and regulation


Courses of Interest

Typically, all coursework requirements are met in the first year of study. The Graduate School does not require registration for a fixed number of course units for the Ph.D. degree and leaves the specific course requirements up to the individual graduate program.

Robert Lefkowitz Shares Nobel Prize in Chemistry

​Robert J. Lefkowitz MD, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator who has spent his entire 39-year research career at the Duke University Medical Center, is sharing the 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Brian K. Kobilka of Stanford University School of Medicine, who was a post-doctoral fellow in Lefkowitz's lab in the 1980s.  Photo by Duke University Photography


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Professor Aaron Esser-Kahn (Univ. of California, Irvine, Department of Chemistry)
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SCYNEXIS Lecture in Synthetic Organic Chemistry: Professor Dale L. Boger (Scripps Research Inst., Department of Chemistry)
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