Ziqiang Guan (Primary)

Research Professor of Biochemistry
Guan Lab, Primary Faculty
Research Interests: 

Mass Spectrometry, Lipidomics, Lipid Biochemistry, Lipid Biomarkers of Genetic Diseases and Cancers. Learn More.

Lab Location
Nanaline Duke, Room 240A Office Room 240B

Office Location

Nanaline Duke, Room 240, Box 3711, Durham, NC 27710

(919) 684-3005

We develop and apply mass spectrometry techniques to address biochemical and biomedical questions that are lipid-related. Research projects include:

1) Structural lipidomics

  • Develop and apply high resolution tandem mass spectrometry-based lipidomics for the discovery, structural elucidation and functional study of novel lipids.

2) Elucidation of novel pathways/enzymes of lipid biosynthesis and metabolism

  • Genetic, biochemical and MS approaches are employed to identify the substrates and pathways involved in lipid biosynthesis and metabolism

3) Identification of lipid biomarkers of genetic diseases and cancers

  • Provide molecular insights into the disease mechanisms, as well as to serve as the diagnostic and prognostic tools of diseases. 

Research Associate, Chemistry, Cornell University 1994 - 1997
PhD University of Texas at Austin 1994