Postdoctoral and Faculty Initiatives

Postdoctoral and Faculty Initiatives

Postdoctoral Initiatives

The Biochemistry department welcomes postdoctoral researchers from all backgrounds and around the world and provides services that help them acclimate to life at Duke.

Office of Postdoctoral Services

To help our postdocs find a supportive community, get answers to questions about life in Durham, and access career development workshops and advice, Duke built the Office of Postdoctoral Services. It’s a central resource for postdoctoral appointees and serves as a liaison between postdocs, faculty, administrators, and staff. It provides services such as:

  • Orientation Seminars
  • Career Development Programs
  • Social Gatherings
  • Career Preparation

Faculty Initiatives

In our commitment to building a diverse community, Duke offers a number of services that help achieve our goal of recruiting faculty with different opinions, experiences and backgrounds.