Huanghe Yang (Primary)

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
Assistant Professor of Neurobiology
Member of the Ion Channel Research Unit, Cardiology
Yang Lab, Primary Faculty
Research Interests: 

Ion and Lipid Transport, Cell Signaling, Physiology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, in vivo imaging
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Lab Location
MSRB2, Room 2100E
(919) 684-1406 (Office) (919) 681-0175 (Lab)
Honors and Awards

ZHANG Cunhao Award, Awarded by Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2002
First prize in the 2012 UCSF Postdoctoral Symposium, Awarded by UCSF, 2012
Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00), Award by NIH/NINDS, 2014-2018


Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis, Biomedical Engineering, 2008


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