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Biochemists discover the molecular components and detailed molecular mechanisms that underlie biological processes, using an integrated approach that combines chemistry, enzymology, biophysics, structural biology, computational biology, cell biology and genetics. The Duke Biochemistry community includes over 140 researchers who are interested in wide-ranging problems including protein structure/function, nucleic acid biochemistry/genome stability, lipid biosynthesis/membrane function, and enzyme catalysis/regulation. More >>
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  • We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Huang-he Yang, currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Jan Laboratory at the University of California San Francisco, will be joining the Department as an Assistant Professor on 1 June 2015.  His laboratory will focus on the structure and function of members of the TMEM16 family of ion channels.Dr. Yang will also hold an appointment in the Ion Channel Research Unit and be a member of the Neurobiology Graduate Training Program.  Dr. Yang is the recipient of an NIH Pathway to Independence Award.
  • The Annual Department of Biochemistry Retreat was held at Wrightsville Beach from 17 19 October.  Seventeen seminars and nearly forty posters were presented by Biochemistry graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and newly appointed faculty during this two-day event.  From these nearly forty excellent posters, five were chosen for Awards from the Henry and Dorothy Lingle Kamin Fund and PhD Posters.  This year's Poster Award winners were Kathryn Walder from the Bennett Lab, Mark Hallen from the Donald Lab, Keri Hamilton from the Brennan Lab, Marscha Hirschi from the Lee Lab and Edward Lilla from the Yokoyama Lab.  In addition to the Poster Awards, three graduate students, Bonnie Cuthbert (Schumacher/Brennan Labs), Brad Hover (Yokoyama Lab) and Porsha Shaw (Schumacher Lab) were recognized for their outstanding service to the Department of Biochemistry and were given Graduate Student Annual Service Awards, which were also underwritten by the Kamin Fund and PhD Posters and were the first of any such awards to be given.  Congratulations to these graduate students and again a special thanks to our DGSA, Ms. Amy Norfleet for organizing such a great scientific and social event.  We look forward to seeing everyone next year!
  • Yuquian Shi (Beese Lab) won the prize for best poster presentation at the joint 44th MidAtlantic crystallography meeting and SER-CAT symposium in 2014. The title of his presentation was "A structural investigation of the human exonuclease I."
  • We are very excited to announce that Professor Hashim Al-Hashimi will be joining the Department of Biochemistry in January 2014.  Professor Al-Hashimi investigates the molecular bases of RNA and DNA function using new NMR spectroscopic techniques.  In 2013 Professor Al-Hashimi was awarded the Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Biomedical Science and the Agilent Thought Leader Award.  We welcome Hashim to Duke Biochemistry.
  • Congratulations to Jessica Wojtaszek, who has been awarded the Jo Rae Wright Fellowship for Outstanding Women in Science for academic year 2013-2014.
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