Irwin Fridovich
Phone: (919)684-5122
Email: fridovich@biochem.duke.edu
Research Interests: Mechanisms of action of enzymes; oxygen metabolism. Superoxide (O.-2) is produced in aerobic cells during both spontaneous and enzymic oxidations and it is capable of directly or indirectly damaging proteins, nucleic acids, and unsaturated lipids.

Ronald Greene (+)
Email: ronald.greene@duke.edu
Associate Professor 
Samson Gross*
Email: srhsgross@gmail.com

Gordon G. Hammes
Email: hamme001@mc.duke.edu
Research Interests: My research is concerned with studying the dynamics of single enzyme molecules using fluorescence microscopy. Ensemble averaged measurements (normal enzyme kinetics) can mask some of the individual events that occur during catalysis.

Robert L. Hill (+)
Phone: (919) 681-8805
Email: hill@biochem.duke.edu
Research Interests: Structure-function relationships of proteins; structure, function, and biosynthesis of oligosacchsrides

Tao-shih Hsieh*
Email: hsieh@biochem.duke.edu
Research Interests: Nucleic Acids Biochemistry, Replication and Stabilization of Genes


K.V. Rajagopalan
Phone: (919) 681-8845
Email: raj@biochem.duke.edu
Research Interests: The research in our laboratory deals with the chemistry and biology of enzymes in which the element molybdenum is an essential constituent. Recent studies in the laboratory have led to the discovery and characterization of a novel prosthetic group, called molybdopterin, shown to be present in all Mo-containing enzymes (except nitrogenase) and is intimately involved in the catalytic activity associated with the molybdenum centers of the enzymes.

Deborah A. Steege*
Email: steege@biochem.duke.edu
Research Interests: Gene Function and Regulation, Nucleic Acids Biochemistry, RNA Biochemistry


Robert E. Webster
Email: baldbuzzard@embarqmail.com
Research Interests: The assembly and function of macromolecular structures associated with the membrane. A model system, is the membrane-associated processes that occur during the infection and assembly of the Ff filamentous bacteriophage.

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