Academic Events

Academic Events

Biochemistry Department Seminars: 

Seminars are scheduled on Friday’s at 12:00 noon in room 147 Nanaline Duke building unless otherwise noted in the schedule.  Coffee is served in the lobby at 11:45 am.  The schedules for Fall Seminars & Spring Seminars are attached pdfs to the corresponding season. 

Biochemistry Department Research Forums:

The Biochemistry Department also hosts a series of Research Forums each semester.  These are designed to highlight recent research accomplishments and ongoing research activities of the faculty and their research groups and are presented as public lectures. Schumacher_Forum.pdf

Nozaki Distinguished Lecture Series: 

The Nozaki Lecture is an annual event in the Biochemistry department organized by our Nozaki Committee, which is made up of current Biochemistry graduate students.  Many distinguished speakers have traveled to Durham to speak to the department as part of the Biochemistry Distinguished Lecture Series, supported by the Dr. & Mrs. Yasuhiko Nozaki Lectures Fund of Triangle Community Foundation.  In 2014, Dr. Hiroshi Nikaido from the University of CA-Berkeley spoke about the Influx and Efflux of Antibiotics across E. coli. Cell Envelope.